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Sun, Apr. 26th, 2009, 07:42 pm

So, I was at the BEAT. For some fun times with lesbians. And who should I run into but
....Collapse )

And I smiled and jumped and was giddy with glee cause I hadn't seen her in a good almost-year! And it was her wedding night and EVERYTHING like OMG! I was so happy like you wouldn't believe. Made my night. :)

Love you Jess!!! ^______^

Mon, Apr. 13th, 2009, 02:56 pm

How long have you been with MNI? Mark all the boxes that apply to you.

[X] You know who the original creator of MNI is
[] You remember the 'orange site'
[] You know who Elliot is
[X] You know Viresse's original "dancing girl" avatar
[] You know the First Head Librarian was not Fizz or FlooCrookshanks
[X] Hogs Head and Iorek - Polar Bears Welcome
[] You know who our longest-still-standing Artist is (who never changed positions)
[X] You know the meaning behind Duel Grim L6
[] You know who the original opponents were on Level 5 of the Duelling Game
[] Crack Nuts?
[X] You know what AP's were and what they did
[X] You can remember some of the original student forums
[X] You know the first Headmistress was not Kat Delacour
[X] You remember when the monetary unit was Galleons only (no sickles/knuts)
[X] You know God's real name. And we're not referring to the Lord
[X] You remember when threads did not go to pages - but were restarted after 100 posts
[X] You have walked a digital Harry through Diagon Alley
[X] You remember when Groundskeeper and Referee were not staff positions, and when the Inquisitorial Squad was
[X] You have bought or created a student Wizard Card set
[X] You attended the first Yule Ball
[] You attended classes before Muggle Studies and Astronomy were available
[] You know who designed the MNI Blue theme
[] You remember MuggleNet's 10 galleons promotion
[X] You have used the *original* Ask Snape, and you know what Ask McGonagall covered
[] You made use of the Dragonskin Wand
[X] You submitted an entry for the first House Cup Competition
[] You participated in the original "World of Rod Fanclub"
[X] Hedwig's Theme was not just a song
[] You earned the DA Badge
[X] You tried for access to the 'Beyond the Veil' forum
[X] You remember who TheQueenOfHearts was


I miss MNI in many ways. The simple, easy friendships. Ah nostalgia. I wish I'd stayed on, but I know that I'm a completely different person now and needed the change. But maybe I can rejoin, just with different expectations. Something less clingy and dependent, more strong, relaxed, for the fun of it.

Sat, Sep. 6th, 2008, 08:17 am
oh the joys

so school sucks. whoever said uni was fun must've been on drugs at the time. maybe that's what i should do... hmmm. nah.

My friend from switzerland is arriving tonight. 7.20pm to be exact. he shall be staying with us for approximately 4 months. should liven up my life. going to screamworld (dreamworld at night! oh my gawd the creativity of their naming skills) on friday. birthday party/"clubbing" (er... well, you know. Wendy says "if we get bored at Mel's place, lets ditch and go to the valley". I follow like a puppy dog. 'Tis a most enjoyable relationship we have) the following weekend.

Oh, and I'm joining the Air Force! w00t for me, totallyz. when i say "i'm joining the air force" i mean: "i have an interview with air force dudes and an aptitude test on thursday. and if i do good they'll lick grovel suck and request my presence in their fine institution. and if i do bad, well. i dunno. do people who do bad at defence force recruiting get booted out of the country? that'd be pretty sad... la-lalala-laaaaa. Close to youuuuuuu. (watches too many commercials.)

ur. what else is happening in my life.... yeh not much. i'm boring. lalalalalala! :)

Fri, Aug. 8th, 2008, 06:28 pm
Disney Rumble

Hey All,
I've decided to participate in an icon making competition. The theme: Disney Animated movies! YAY!
Now, bearing in mind the fact that I've ne'er really made any icons or anything, I'm not really going in this to win it, or even get (m)any points. It's more of a "Hey, I've got Photoshop but I don't know how to use it, this is a good way to get to know the features of this apparently awesome program." So it should be fun. The second challenge finishes tonight, the theme being "Tinkerbell". I know that my icons are pretty piss-weak compared to the amazing ones that I've seen so far, but it's really quite fun!

Link to community if you want to watch/vote. Or even participate next round.

I'll probably post all 10 of my icons in here once the round is over. Just so that you can see the crap that I created.

Thu, Jan. 17th, 2008, 06:54 pm



w00t for bachelor of design. go me. w00t for uni.

one day, i'm gonna be rich and famous and designing the logo for your gravestone. CAUSE YOU'LL BE DEAD AND I'LL BE COOL.

so there.

Fri, Nov. 2nd, 2007, 08:38 pm
ding dong the witch is dead.


I finish school in like... 14 days. how awesome is that?! I will never have to go back there. Except to get all sorts of random stuff like formal photos and year report.

TOORA is FINISHED! I've sent it in and it's basically done and should be back to us by the last week of school. I'm so pleased with it. Not with the actual end product. The end product is pretty shoddy. But I'm pleased that i'll never have to look at it again.

I'm gonna miss all my little buddies from school. All the ones that aren't in my grade who are awesome and loverly. Cause I'll most likely never see them again. Which sucks, but whatever.

but w00t for finishing school! hell yes!

Tue, Jul. 31st, 2007, 05:38 pm

so friday night was fun. went to wendy's with the objective of getting drunk. didn't quite happen, but only because two people shotted two freaking bottles of vodka on their own. the night mainly consisted of: wendy complaining about dan; lucy consoling wendy by complaining about duncan; wendy, bianca and jess passing out on the floor; me complaining about kierryn being a dick; and me making passes at caroline. You have no idea how strong the urge was. like i seriously had to restrain myself. haha cousin it. fuck she's hot. but somehow i think the main reason i was thinking like that was cause of kierryn. but i have permission! yay! so when we get drunk together again... hehehehehehe

jeez i'm so glad i've had spares this year and last. cause if it hadnt been for spares i wouldn't ever have met all the awesome people that i met. and school would be seriously shit. and i love my sexy spare-people.

yeah i'll be going now. but don't worry, i still love you all *K*

Fri, May. 25th, 2007, 10:12 pm


i was on the train today. in the middle of a conversation as always.
when i saw in the glass the reflection of some guy's shirt a couple of seats down.
it said "Root 69". you know, like in "Route 66"? hehehehehe



well I thought it was funny.

fuck i need to get out more.

Mon, May. 21st, 2007, 08:02 pm
well then.

well school sucks. assignments due thursday and friday. Why the fuck is Jane Eyre a classic? And what the fuck is public art?

Was dogsitting Wednesday - Saturday. Had people over on Friday. Watched movies. Played taboo. Got drunk Sunday. Got a detention today.
At the current point in time my only motivation for staying in school is the formal. Oh and the fact that mother dearest would shoot me if i dropped out.

Apparantly I like this guy though. According to my friends at least. Might just have to talk to him tomorrow. hmmmm Boys suck.

I'm bored.

Tue, Apr. 24th, 2007, 10:05 pm
RIP -- a mini rant on suicide and society.

I don't know them. I've never met them. I didn't even know their names until 10 minutes ago.
And yet Jodie and Stephanie's deaths strike me so hard.

How is it that our society can deteriorate into something like this? How is it that two girls commit suicide and all around you just hear is "their own fault", "serves them right", "emo" this and "emo" that?
Why do we not have compassion for them and their families?
Why does noone seem to care?
They deserve better than this.
They deserve to be remembered for the people they were, not the corpses they became.

But then, really, ideally, they deserve to have never even have gotten to this point. They deserve to have gotten help. They deserve to have lived a normal life, filled with "teen angst" - which we all had - that at one point or another subsides - like it always did - and then continue on a normal life - just like the rest of us. They deserve to have a helpful and supporting society surrounding them, one that picks up on this sort of thing, one that does NOT go around mocking the "culture" they belonged to.

On average, 2000 Australians commit suicide every year. 6 a day. More than the road death toll. That's fucked up. Why has society gotten to this point where life is no longer worth living? Where problems cannot be overcome? Why is the only solution death? This is not how the world should be. This is not how society should be. We need to change this.

For them. And for everyone else.

(btw, this suicide rant does not include euthanasia. Because that's an entirely different topic for an entirely different day.)

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